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Medical Tourism for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Here at Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group in Atlanta, Georgia, we’re proud to provide cutting-edge surgical services to a wide range of patients, including a number of patients who travel long distances to our clinic.

As a leading provider of medical tourism bariatric surgery in the United States, we cater to patients who are seeking weight loss surgery services such as gastric bypass surgery, duodenal switch surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric balloon and bariatric surgery revisions.

We work closely with medical partners throughout the U.S. and beyond to provide our out-of-town patients with world-class care, and support designed to help our patients achieve lasting success and satisfaction.

Medical Tourism Bariatric SurgeryWhat Are The Advantages of Medical Tourism Bariatric Surgery?

At Beltline, we work with many high-profile clients who want to protect their privacy by accessing bariatric care services at a weight loss clinic that specializes in medical tourism bariatric surgery.

Our team of mature, professional weight loss experts are all committed to upholding the highest ethics and standards, ensuring the utmost of discretion when dealing with patient privacy. We understand that some of our patients may not want to disclose information about their obesity treatment to their employer, insurance provider, friends, or associates – that’s why we have special policies and procedures in place to keep patient information safe and secure.

U.S. vs. International Medical Tourism Bariatric Surgery

The top reason why our patients choose to have bariatric surgery in the United States, is safety. All weight loss clinics in the U.S. are closely regulated under a variety of local, state, and federal laws designed to protect patients. All of Beltline Bariatric’s surgeons, nurses, and medical professionals have verified credentials from American educational institutions and professional associations.

Our medical weight loss experts perform weight loss surgery in modern, well-equipped hospitals throughout the greater Atlanta area, including Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, Piedmont Newnan Hospital, and Northside Hospital.

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Traveling to Atlanta for weight loss surgery gives you the opportunity to enjoy the privacy you need without compromising on your medical care. In Atlanta, you’ll have access to exceptional medical care, fine hotels, convenient domestic and international travel options, and our unbeatable Southern hospitality.

To learn more about how we’re making it easy for our out-of-state patients to access world-class weight loss surgery through our medical tourism bariatric surgery program, contact us here at Beltline Bariatric.

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