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Dr. Charles Procter, Bariatric Surgeon

Practices at these locations: Atlanta and Stockbridge


Dr. Charles Procter is at the heart of what Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group has to offer, providing caring, compassionate, and expert resources to those hoping to lose weight and live a happier, healthier life. Renowned as one of the nation’s top bariatric surgeons, Dr. Procter is an expert in minimally-invasive techniques and robotic-assisted surgery practices. In 2008, he became the first surgeon in the state of Georgia to perform a robotic-assisted cholecystectomy, and later went on to perform the first fully robotic bariatric procedures, including sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en Y gastric bypass, and duodenal switch surgeries.

Dr. Procter has over a decade of experience in bariatric surgery and general surgery and has been a member of the Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group family since 2016.

A Slow Start to Medicine

Despite his prowess in the surgical arts and the central role he plays with the patients at Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group, medicine was not always in Dr. Procter’s future. The son of a prominent bariatric surgeon, Dr. Procter never intended to go into medicine, and was uninterested in surgery in particular. The long hours his father worked were an early deterrent, to the extent that he was the vice-president of the pre-law society at Miami University of Ohio and played an integral role in the establishment of the school’s first mock trial team. He was also fascinated by the political and cultural landscape of Russia, and lived in Moscow for a short time.

Despite his other interests, a passion for medicine slowly grew, and he enrolled in a pre-medical program at the University of Georgia in 1995. He excelled in his studies, which led to admission to the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine. After graduating from medical school, he went on to complete residencies in general surgery at Greenville Hospital System – University of South Carolina and the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

During his training, Dr. Procter had his sights set on trauma surgery, a highly specialized field involving surgery under extreme and emergency circumstances. Ultimately, his father was responsible for his change in direction; after discussing at length the benefits of a career in bariatric surgery, Dr. Procter chose to follow in his father’s footsteps.

A Star-Studded Career

Dr. Procter began practicing in 2007. From his earliest days, innovation was at the forefront of his aspirations. His success in robotic-assisted surgery has made him a trusted name in bariatric procedures, offering improved accuracy and recovery for his patients. Throughout his career, he has professed his willingness to go above and beyond, taking measures like making house calls to provide a superior standard of care.

In addition to his role at Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group, Dr. Procter has become a household name for his participation on the TLC program Family By the Ton, a reality show that follows the lives of three related morbidly obese individuals seeking weight loss and good health. Throughout the season, he has been able to assist Naomi, Drew, and Chitoka to lose weight and get started on the path to a better life.

Dr. Charles Procter splits his time between the two locations of Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group – Atlanta and Newnan. He is board certified in general surgery and holds an active medical license in Georgia. When he is not performing bariatric surgery, he is spending time with his wife and three sons.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Procter.

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